Greenhouse gas emissions are still climbing. So am I.
Today (02.04.09), as the G20 world leaders met, I climbed the Lloyds Building in the City of London and hung a banner with the words

We have less than 100 months until our climate reaches the tipping point, the point of no return. This is the urgency of our cause. Global warming already kills more people than a 9/11 every week.

The failure of world leaders to tackle global warming is genocide. At the end of this year world leaders meet in Copenhagen and must agree at least a 50% global emissions reduction target. Barack Obama is personally committed to an 80% goal.That is real leadership. Millions of people are already playing a part to reduce their personal emissions.

But we cannot succeed without urgent and significant action by world leaders.
The solution is simple:

1 – Stop Cutting Down Trees. Plant More Trees.
2 – Make Everything Energy Efficient.
3 – Only Make Clean Energy.

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My deepest thanks.

Alain Robert